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Discover what our patients have to say regarding their office visit, surgical experience or recovery process. We also encourage our existing patients to share their own experience! We are proud to share these client experiences because at our Podiatrist Offices, we pride ourselves on our staff, our team of doctors, and most importantly, our customer service.

“For those of you looking for a doctor that has completely dedicated himself to the field of foot and ankle surgery, Dr. Michael Bowen is that person. His dedication is reflected in his knowledge, patient interaction, and talent as a surgeon.

I myself am a podiatrist, so it was a big decision in choosing a doctor to care for me in the same field that I have a degree. However, in all truth I have never been more comfortable with my choice and in hindsight it was a decision very well made. As a matter of fact, I recommend him to everyone (including my colleagues) as a wonderful person and doctor to have discussions with about patient care and surgical decisions. And from a patient’s perspective, I could not have asked for a better doctor.”

A. Stroze -Kidner Procedure

“All I want to say is that this experience with the Weil Foot & Ankle Institute has positively changed my life for the better and I’m lucky to have had my feet fixed here. I had a my horrible and very severe bunions corrected on both feet by Dr. Weil Jr and I seriously couldn’t be happier. I can’t believe that I’m actually looking at MY feet every time I look down on them now, post surgery!

I went from being in pain walking down the street every single day for many years to actually running again. I haven’t been able to walk, let alone run, for a solid 4 years. I’m happy to say that I’m running better than I ever have before. Also, Dr. Weil is a true artist. My scars are barely visible and they look great!!

I am eternally greatful to Dr. Weil, Dr. Bowen and the entire staff over at Weil Foot & Ankle. And EVERYONE was so nice to work with there. They were all great and made a very uncomfortable and scary surgery situation so much easier.

They have really given me my health and happiness back and I’m so thankful!!!”

Christina R. -Bunionectomy

“From the time I originally made my appointment to the time I walked out after my visit it was a fantastic experience. The person I set the appt with originally was very friendly with a great personality. Then when I came in for my appointment I was overwhelmed by the kindness of the doctor. I have been telling everyone that Dr. Amarantos is the nicest doctor I have ever been to. He listened very intently to my concerns, joked around, yet was very serious while performing my procedure. I wish I would have contacted this office a long time ago and I would recommend them to anyone without hesitation.”

Sandi F.

“Dr. Matthew Vogt used shock wave therapy on my quadriceps tendonitis last fall and by December, the tendonitis was completely gone. Now, six months later, no recurrence of the discomfort and pain. I suffered for three years with that “untreatable” problem, untreatable according to my orthopedic physician, and now I can walk, bike, hike. What a joy. And Dr. Vogt was consistently kind and compassionate, the perfect person to shepherd me through the healing process. I’ve waited six months to be sure the condition is gone before writing this endorsement.”

Richard Johnson, PhD-Right Quadriceps Tendonitis

“This letter is long overdue. Dr. Weil Sr. you were right… the swollen metatarsals are finally softening and are much more tolerable. Before I came to see you,I had seen at least 12 other Doctors with no relief. The chronic pain and inflammation was unbearable. It was actually suicidal at one point. With plenty of prayer and help from the internet…. I found you. I thank God every morning for that.. If someone ever asks me for a referral to a Podiatrist Your name is the only one that I give them . If they want real results. The trip to Chicago was worth every dollar. Thanks for giving me back my livelihood”

Amy H.-Custom Orthotics

“I appreciate Dr. Michael Bowen’s expertise used in the correction of my right foot bunion revision which was previously done by another surgeon.
His confident manner and patient education on procedure aided to lessen my anxiety about having the same surgery a second time.

I’m extremely pleased with the outcome.”

Sabrina L. -Bunion Revision

“I urge anyone in need of bunion surgery to see Dr Lowell Weil. This extremely talented doctor operated on both my feet at the same time, something every other doctor I met with was afraid of or against doing. I am completely pain free now! I have returned to work and all physical activities in less than 4 months, including wearing heels! And I owe it all to this fantastic doctor and his incredible staff! My life is forever changed and I am so grateful! Oh and my feet are now PRETTY! Thank you again!”

Sky N. -Bunion Surgery

“Dr. Bowen was my doctor/surgeon for my Achilles regraft surgery. I was very nervous because i was told in the past, by other Doctors, that the surgery was not something for me. After talking to Dr. Bowen, he had me completely calm and confident that everything was going be fine, which it was. His aftercare was awesome. He definitely takes care of his patients well being. I will definitely use Dr. Bowen again for any foot issues in the future”

Tony M. -Achilles Heel

“I went to Weil Foot and Ankle off of TWO recommendations and couldn’t be happier. I had my procedure there on 3.5.15.

I worked with both Dr. Weil Jr and Dr. Bowen. Both of the Doctors were professional, personable, confident and happy to answer all my questions before and after my surgery.

I had bunions and a morton’s neuroma removed on both feet, along with hammer toes corrected on my right foot. The procedure was fast and painless- you’re knocked out so the next thing you know you got brand new feet. Recovery has some discomfort but nothing that you wouldn’t expect. My incisions are thin and straight, so the scaring is minimal.

If you’re considering correcting your feet I highly recommend the Weil F&A Institute. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my feet but them.”

Anna B. -Bunions & Morton’s Neuroma

“Dr. Michael Bowen performed my bilateral great toe joint replacements on 1/28/15. From the moment I met him for a consultation, I knew that this surgery was not only necessary due to severe bone-on-bone arthritis, but would be successful. He was very “up-front” with me about the surgery, recuperation, and my own patient responsibilities, i.e. complying with post-op instructions, physical therapy, etc.

He made it very clear that I had my own responsibilities which would ultimately affect the success of this surgery. He was confident that I was an excellent candidate for this procedure, and he could sense my own motivation for rehabilitation to as “near normal” as could be expected.

My surgery was complication-free, and I walked out with surgical shoes on my feet – no walker, crutches or any other assistive device! I was prescribed pain medication, but only took it for the first day – I did not need it any longer! I maintained a strict protocol at home which restricted my time on my feet – gradually increasing by an hour each week.

By the time of my first follow-up appointment, one week post-op, I was able to wear sneakers with no problem – and to resume driving. Pain was never an issue – I had none. Pain was chronic and restrictive prior to the surgery – but nonexistent after the surgery. Physical therapy was an integral part of my rehabilitation, and progress was noted during each session.

I just had my 6-week follow-up with Dr. Bowen, and it seemed that HE was as happy as I was with my recovery! He was very proud of his work, but more importantly with my great recovery! He lifted all restrictions, and today I was able to enjoy the resumption of my workout routine at the Fitness Center! I could not be more pleased with my decision to have Dr. Bowen perform this surgery, and I look forward to resuming my active lifestyle PAIN-FR EE!”

Nancy S. -Bilateral Total Great Toe Joint Replacements

“The staff was always friendly and helpful. I am very happy with my total experience. Doctor Michael F. Bowen was attentive and clear. He provided personalized care. He had excellent bedside manner and is a fantastic surgeon.”

Ryan P. -Bilateral Bunionectomy

“Dr. Weil Jr. and the Staff at the Libertyville Office are the best. I had joint fusion surgery on July 31, 2014 and everyone there was great with all my questions. Dr. Weil Jr. was so caring with me and he took the time to work with me. The healing process wont be done for a while but my foot is doing great. I have been with Weil foot and Ankle for nine years and Dr. Weil Jr. has taken care of all my foot problems. He is the best.”

Maureen M. -Joint Fusion

“Dr. Borrelli is the best! 10 years ago I had bunion surgery on both feet (at the same time) and actually didn’t have any pain during recovery. I was also back into gym shoes within a few weeks. So, when I needed another issue corrected, there was no question who I would call. And, again, no pain during recovery. This time I was back into my regular shoes 2 weeks after surgery. Check out my before and after pictures from this latest correction. Besides being a fantastic surgeon, he is personable and patient, clearly explaining each process of the procedure. But as you know, a quick recovery is what’s important.”

Nancy T-S. -Surgery

“I just wanted to say Thank You to you and Dr. Weil Jr. for opening the shoe store at the Weil Foot and Ankle Clinic in Des Plaines. I have bought a couple pairs of shoes already and my feet feel better. The shoes fit great! I also wanted to tell you about how wonderful I feel knowing that there are shoes out there that I can wear and look good. Recently my nephew got married. I was really considering not attending because all I had was those clunky gramma shoes. They just didn’t feel right being all dressed up and having clunky shoes on. I visited the shoe store and was helped with a pair of sandals that fit my orthotics. I felt great! The sandals looked so good with my outfit. This not only helped me physically but mentally too. It raised my self esteem and I had such a great time helping my family and nephew celebrate his wedding. Thank you so much!!”

Beth H. -Sandals for Orthotics

“I was super nervous about the surgery but all the staff made me feel welcome and safe, before my surgery, I remember everything was clean, and everybody were professional.

After the surgery I didn’t have any pain, and then after 3 day I started to drive.

My scarf looks ok”

Michelle K. -Toe Surgery

“Dr. Bongiovanni continues to amaze me. I had bunion surgery with him at a young age in 2008. I saw him recently and he is so comforting, patient and thorough. His pleasant nature is something that every Doctor should learn from, as we all know that going to the doctor is not something a person wants to do in the first place. His patients receive personalized care.

He explains everything without me even having to ask and does not mind answering any other questions. Dr. Bongiovanni is truly honest and is careful not to “under- or over-treat” his patients, in his words.

Aside from his astonishingly kind demeanor, he clearly knows what he’s doing and has a confident grasp of his constantly-growing knowledge.”

Sara S. -Bunion Surgery and Follow-Up Care

“Dr. David O’Brian and his staff in Roselle are the best! My entire family has seen Dr. O’Brian for over 10 years. With his expertise for runners and his staff we know that we are in good hands. We highly recommend the Roselle office.”

Mary Pat H.. -Foot Pain

“My entire experience with Weil foot Institute was favorable to the point that I only wish I had this surgery done sooner in my life.

The widespread negative comments related to bunion surgery are well known. Even among orthopedic surgeons and podiatrists there are some who do not recommend surgical intervention. I know that because I myself was given two such opinions. I fostered those views myself thus allowing my deformities to progress year after year. Incapacitation and disfigurement got to the point that I had to curb most of my activities. Besides, constant pain was depressing.

Trustworthy person who knew Dr. Weil Sr. appeared at the right time and shared her experience. She had the same type of surgery I was to have and told me what to expect realistically. Her testimony gave me confidence to look up Dr. Weil Sr.

From than on, everything was easy. Courteous front desk staff, reasonable waiting time, personable and warm nursing staff were just a prelude to best of all: meeting Dr. Lowell S. Weil. Sr. and his assistant Dr. Michael Bowen. Detailed history was taken but seemed almost superfluous: Dr. Weil Sr. already knew what one must be feeling like after looking at those horrible looking x-rays of mine. Long consultation followed and I was instructed in to smallest detail what to expect.

I had surgery done by Dr. Weil Sr. and Dr. Bowen. Operating room, located at the very Institute itself, was busy and efficient. Staff was witty, encouraging and reassuring. General anesthesia was provided by an expert for I had no side effects whatsoever, a complete recovery in an hour and ready to go home. The rough post operative recovery was to be expected considering the extent of surgery and the fact both feet were involved. So, yes it was trying but went by quickly. If anything, thought me to be humble and appreciative of help my husband and friends provided.

One nice detail is worth sharing: Dr. Weil Sr. is reachable ALL THE TIME thru direct line. I am an Obstetrician/Gynecologist myself, but even in my speciality we do not give out our personal phone numbers. It has been more than three months since my surgery. My feet look different now, function is better, I can do much more than before. I am glad I had it done. I have developed different painful point since, but I am not worried, I am in safe hands now.”

Marija V. -Bilateral Bunion and Hammertoe Surgery

“Dr. Cernak, Thank you for being such an amazing DOCTOR! The way you care for us can’t be matched by anyone! (and hasn’t!) Your knowledge is incredible too. I just wanted to tell you that you are greatly appreciated! I hope you get all your dreams, because you allow to us to walk to ours!”
Sara R.

“My experience with the Shockwave and PRP treatments went well beyond my expectation. Damage to both achilles turned my normally active lifestyle into a completely unacceptable sedentary lifestyle.

While Dr. Lowell Weil, Jr. could not promise a full recovery, he was willing to do all he could to eliminate the pain and get me back to at least 70% of my former lifestyle. I would say that I am now at a cautious 90% of my former lifestyle with no pain at all.

This, of course, did not happen overnight. The first Shockwave & PRP treatment was helpful, but a little disappointing. I thought I would reach that 70% normal right away. When the optimum level of recovery for that treatment had been reached, Dr. Weil agreed to repeat the treatments. The result of the second Shockwave & PRP was completely different. The pain was gone, the swelling came down, and I was well on the road to recovery. It is so much more than I expected. I am so very grateful to Dr. Weil and his professional team of nurses for their expertise and care.”

Ronald K. -Bunion Removal

“I broked my foot in April of 2013 and got to Dr.Jeffrey Baker for surgery. Surgery was done in Weil Clinic in Des Plaines. Dr. Baker did wonderful job. Injury was severe but after 5 months I was able to walk again. I am very happy that Dr.Baker was the one who took care of my foot. I would definitely recommend him to anyone. Thank you to Dr. Weil, Sr as well.”

Jerzy C. -Calcaneus Fracture

“Thank you, Dr. Weil Jr. and your entire staff for a wonderful experience.

Actually I had interviewed a few surgeons but I appreciated your ability to give information and talking to me in terms I could understand and with respect as a reasonably smart person. I didn’t hear the all the negative, just the facts…. plain and simple.

That was my reason for choosing Dr. Weil Jr. I went into a big procedure with reasonable expectations and fine surgeon who is experienced and would do the very best for me.

The rest was up to me. I read and followed directions, did my post op physical therapy and went from constant 8+/10 pain to ZERO pain. But I still am careful, do exercises as shown by the P.T., wear good shoes, and know that Dr. Weil, Jen, or someone is still there if I have questions or concerns.

Dr. Weil, thank you for helping me improve my quality of life. My expectations were far far exceeded.”

M.A. Testa -Retrocalcaneal Heel Spur Recession & Achilles Debridement

“I have been very impressed & pleased with the treatment that I received at the Institute from everyone.”

Rosemary S. -Two Toes

“I saw Doctor Amarantos about a problem with calcium on my Achilles. He gave me a list of options.

Doc recommended topaz with PRP. I had the procedure on April 17. Since then, I’ve been pain free on my Achilles and under Doc’s guidance has become more and more active since.

Not only am I thrilled with the results of this procedure but Doctor Amarantos’ follow up and bedside manner has exceeded expectations. He and his staff followed up on multiple occasions. More importantly in our sessions, he has been very detailed in his explanation of where my recovery is and where it is going.

I unequivocally recommend Doctor Amarantos for any foot problem. ”

Doug H. -Topaz on Achilles with PRP

“Dr. James Lawton totally reconstruction my feet. The bones were deformed and causing a lot of discomfort and I was unable to wear shoes. Not only did he give me beautiful feet, but his stitch work on my feet was absolutely amazing. You would never know that I had extensive surgery done. He is an amazing doctor with a great sense of humor and kindness. I wasn’t an easy patient, because I had problems with doctors in the past. He is a doctor who cares and goes the extra mile for his patients. I love me new feet, and now have a lot of pretty shoes to show off my feet. Bless you Dr. Lawton.”

Rose K. -Feet Reconstruction

“I went to see Dr. Facaros because I felt pain on the bottom of my foot, specially when first walking in the morning after waking up. The condition worsen, feeling pain when walking during the day & throbbing during evening hours, or when resting at home.

After several treatment methods, at the moment, my condition is 70% better with hopes of feeling 100% in the near future.

My visits with Dr. Facaros were very pleasant. Dr Facaros is exceptionally informative. He explains and makes sure the patient understands the medical condition and the various treatment options. When communicating with Dr. Facaros via email or leaving a phone message, Dr. Facaros always got back to me immediately.

Every part of the body is so important and we take it for granted until there is a problem. I feel very grateful being treated by Facaros.”

Jules P. -Shock Wave

“I have had this a long time on both feet, but am seeing success with the treatments received at Weil. Dr Facaros has been helpful and informative, and explains everything as we go along – he has been a pleasure to work with.”

Kathy P. -Nail Fungus Laser Treatment

“Hi Dr. Weil,This note is a bit late, but I wanted to send it to you as I promised. As I told you at my final post-op appointment, Tim Hilbert was the very best Physical Therapist that I have ever had.

Considering that I have had previous surgeries on both feet and my shoulder, I have experienced physical therapy before. No one was ever a “perfect fit” for me until I met Tim! My Physical Therapy appointments were something that I truly looked forward to! Tim was not only a professional, well-educated man, but also a wonderful person! He knew that I probably would do more than what I was supposed to on my two feet and he kept me on a good path of recovery. He encouraged and supported my progress. Our weekly conversations kept my attitude positive and upbeat!

We had similar interests in nutrition and his passion for cycling was like mine is for dancing. So, he truly understood how hard it was for me to be off my feet. He knew that I really had to have a different mindset while I was in my recovery stage. He made me feel that I had a partner in this process. I actually chose to come to see Tim for my physical therapy, after meeting him. I was going to go to an Accelerated facility closer to my home, but I knew that I would get better care being with Tim.

After all, relationships are very important in any healing situation. In closing, I again want to thank you Dr. Weil for the most amazing surgery experience that I have ever had. Now I look forward to years of happily being on both my feet,knowing they are healing day-by-day, and that I actually can participate in any sport activity and wear any type of lovely shoe that my heart desires…an amazing dreacome true!”

Sherry R. -Bunionectomy

“I went to see Dr. Weil Jr. after months of enduring the heel pain of plantar fasciitis. I feel like Dr. Weil listened to me and came up with a plan tailored for me. He’s not a doc who immediately suggests surgery or high-priced orthotics. He said let’s do X, Y, & Z first and see if that works before we try other measures. It did work and I’ve been able to run pain-free since then. Thanks, Dr. Weil Jr.! ”

Carl G. -Plantar Fascitis

“Congratulations! You have made major contributions to your profession in so many ways over all these years. The best part is that you have passed on so much of what you have learned to others all over the world and you are continuing to do so.”

Bill R. -Long Time Patient

“Prior to seeing Dr. Lowell Weil, Jr. I had 3 opinions from other doctors ranging from removing my toes to cutting my toes shorter and fusing them together. I am 80 years old and I was to the point where I thought I would have to live the rest of my life in pain from my feet. Then my daughter suggested I go see Dr. Weil. I live in TN but felt the trip was worth it for another opinion. I am 3 1/2 months out of surgery. Before surgery,my feet were very deformed (toes crossing over each other) and now look like normal feet. I have very little pain and I can wear regular shoes which was out of the question before. I am very happy with the outcome and I highly recommend Dr. Weil for any foot surgery.”

Barbara R. -Reconstructive Foot Surgery

“Dr Lowell Weil Jr. is a perfectionist and an excellent surgeon who I confidently trusted.Since I need my foot to hike, work, dance and power walk I wanted a surgeon who would successfully repair artistically my foot. His entire office and surgical staff in person and on the phone were knowledgeable, professional, polite. and helpful. I highly recommend him and will be back in a heart beat if I need any further services.”

Susan -Plantar Plate Repair and Bunionectomy

“I have been a client and friend of Dr. Weil Sr.

About 8 or 9 years ago Dr. Weil was working on an experimental proceedure which used a sonic wave proceedure other tham invasive surhey for a painful heal spur.

It worked like a charm and still 8 or 9 years later I m still pain free. My wife had the same proceedure several years ago and has the same sucessful outcome.

I believe I was Dr. Weil’s first or second try at this cutting edge treatment. This is just typical of the finest surgeon that this field of medicine has to offer. I am proud to be one of Lowel Sr’s patients and friends. You could not find a person who cares more about his patients that he and all of his staff has. What a team.”

Ronnie G. -Multipe including the Sonic heel treatment

“After nearly 2 years of search i feel i have found the right doctor in Dr.Klein.I sincerely believe she will solve my foot drop problem.She was very kind and appeared genuine to core in resolving my issue.keeping my fingers crossed till next appointment.”

Raj -Foot Drop

“Hi i just want to wish you a very happy Christmas and a fantastic 2013. May the new year bring you lots of success , good health and happiness.

I am glad to report that i am doing well. My operation was on 13.09.12 and it is now 3 months postop. I am back to all my exercises and i have no more pain. The wound is healing well and the scar is cosmetically nice. I am back to running but i need to build up my stamina to gain back my fitness before my plantar plate injury.So far have not experienced any stiffness.

My only problem is that the foot is still a wee bit swollen, although it is much improved from the last time we spoke. I am wearing some comfortable leather shoes but it still hurts to wear heels. I guess that will improve with time. How long do i need to continue my foot exercises?

I hope you will be able to take some time off during the christmas break. Have a great time with the family and God bless you always.”

Christina from Malaysia (MD) -Plantar Plate Repair

“I feel fortunate to have such a caring doctor and professional team to help me.”

Judith C. -Long Time Patient

“I’m not sure of the clinical assistants name, but she was very nice. My whole experience with your office was good. I have a business myself and hope the service we provide is as good. Happy Holidays. Kathy”

Kathy S. -Patient

“As a new patient I received excellent treatment in a welcoming and caring environment.”

Michael C. -Patient


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