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Despite some lingering warm temperatures, summer clothes are going away and fall styles coming out. At Weil Foot & Ankle Institute, we know that means fashion boots will become the footwear of choice for many women. While these styles may look great, many of them are not designed with your feet’s best interest in mind. You can, however, find boots that look good and will leave your feet feeling good. Below are some tips before you hit the stores.

Get Support

Why do so many women find their feet are achy and sore and that their heels are hurting by the time winter is over? It’s because many fashion boots do not contain adequate arch support. When your arch sags, your heels and other parts of your feet hurt and conditions such as plantar fasciitis are more likely to erupt. Choose boots that have built-in arch support.

Go for “Ah…..”

Cushioning in the insole and heel of a boot will act as a shock absorber and protect your feet from daily pounding. Don’t be fooled by fake fur and other cushy linings—these will eventually flatten out.

Take Care of Toes

Avoid boots that have a narrow, pointy style. These tend to squeeze toes together which can increase the risk of an ingrown nail forming. Look for boots that have a generous toe box and keep the heel height to under two inches. This will reduce the stress on your toes and help prevent aggravation of deformities such as bunions and hammertoes.

Check the Sole

If you plan to continue to wear your fashion boots when the weather turns icy, be sure there is some kind of gripping tread on the bottom to help you avoid slips, falls and ankle-twisting injuries.

Fit First

Get your feet professionally measured when shopping for boots. (Many women are walking around in shoes and boots that are too small for their feet!) Wear the type of socks you will use with the boots and if our podiatrists have prescribed a custom orthotic for your foot, be sure to try it on with the boots you are considering.

You can be stylish and still take good care of your feet! If you have a chronic foot problem and want recommendations for the best styles for you, contact our offices in Bannockburn, Orland Park, Roselle or any of our other 16 conveniently located offices by calling: 847-390-7666.

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