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Blog Types of Heal Pain and What To Do About It

Heel pain can be a common ailment experienced by individuals of all ages. It can be caused by a variety of factors and can often impact an individual’s daily activities. Identifying the root cause of heel pain is crucial, as it can help to determine the most effective treatment plan. In this blog post, we […]

Posted on June 12 2023
Blog Do I Have a Bunionette on My Pinky Toe?

You may be more familiar with a bunion which involves the great toe drifting towards and sometimes overlapping with the little toes. There can also be a somewhat similar situation that can occur on the outside of the foot involving the fifth toe. This is called a bunionette. A bunionette is also known as a […]

Posted on May 5 2023
Blog Planning for a Marathon: What your Podiatrist Wants you to Know

Training for a marathon can be an excellent way to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but it can also put significant stress on your feet. Marathon training is a grueling process, and any runner is bound to experience some aches and pains along the way. However, when it comes to foot injuries, ignoring the warning signs […]

Posted on April 26 2023
Blog Getting Toenails Ready for Summer

The nail, however simple it may seem, is a complex part of human anatomy. Understanding the anatomy can help us understand methods to help treat the nails. The nail is compromised of the proximal nail fold, proximal nail matrix, distal nail matrix, cuticle, nail bed, and nail plate. Proximal nail fold:  Defined as the proximal […]

Posted on March 22 2023
Blog Take Steps to Learn About PAD

What is Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD)? Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) is a common, yet serious circulation problem in which the blood vessels that carry blood to your extremities become spastic, narrowed or clogged. PAD can affect any artery in your body including your brain, heart, kidneys and other major organs; however, the legs and feet […]

Posted on January 10 2023
Blog What Is The Lapiplasty Procedure?

Bunions (medical term hallux valgus) are the most common surgical procedure performed by foot surgeons. It is estimated there are 330,000 bunion procedures performed annually in the United States. There are hundreds of procedures which have been developed and modified over the years to correct bunion deformities. How Are Bunions Corrected? One of the most […]

Posted on December 13 2022
Blog Nerve Injuries To The Foot

Do you have numbness, tingling, sharp shooting pains, clicks, radiating pain, burning or feel like there is something inside or under your foot yet cannot see anything? Any of these symptoms could be a sign of a nerve injury. Here at Weil Foot & Ankle we provide a whole array of treatments for different nerve […]

Posted on October 25 2022
Blog 3D Bunion Correction

What Is A Bunion? For most, a bunion is defined as a prominence or ‘bump’ near the big toe joint. When seen with the naked eye, however, we don’t get the whole story. The bump that ‘develops’ over time is the result of the slow drifting of a bone in the foot that in essence […]

Posted on August 9 2022
Blog Think you may have stepped on something and now it may be in your foot? Here is what to do.

These days, with the weather warming up and the fact that we are staying home more, we tend to go barefoot more than usual.  When you go barefoot, that means that there can be more of a possibility for injury by stepping on something!  Now you may step on a toy or some other small object, and […]

Posted on August 3 2020
Blog Is it OK To Go Barefoot All Day?

It may be tempting to go barefoot all day, especially these days when social distancing and staying home most of the time is encouraged.  Many people choose not to wear shoes at home for hygiene as they don’t want to bring outside dirt and germs into the home, and then go barefoot or just wear socks […]

Posted on May 1 2020