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Blog Think you may have stepped on something and now it may be in your foot? Here is what to do.

These days, with the weather warming up and the fact that we are staying home more, we tend to go barefoot more than usual.  When you go barefoot, that means that there can be more of a possibility for injury by stepping on something!  Now you may step on a toy or some other small object, and […]

Posted on August 3 2020
Blog Is it OK To Go Barefoot All Day?

It may be tempting to go barefoot all day, especially these days when social distancing and staying home most of the time is encouraged.  Many people choose not to wear shoes at home for hygiene as they don’t want to bring outside dirt and germs into the home, and then go barefoot or just wear socks […]

Posted on May 1 2020
Blog What’s the Deal with Toe Separators Anyway?

If you’ve ever gone for a pedicure, you’ve probably had experience with toe separators. But if you haven’t, here’s the deal: a toe separator is made of one long piece of material (foam, silicone, gel or rubber are common choices) with long thin vertical extensions coming from its base. Those extensions are designed to fit […]

Posted on September 6 2019
Blog Here’s Why Your Feet Swell in Summer & What to Do About It!

Were you like me, sitting through winter and praying for warmer weather? But now that it’s here, and we’ve seen temperatures topping 100 degrees, maybe you’re thinking all that snow and ice wasn’t so bad? For me, as a podiatrist, the heat is more than just a sweaty, frizzy nuisance. It can take a toll […]

Posted on August 20 2019
Blog Rain boots serve a very specific purpose, but if they are not constructed appropriately, they can cause a different kind of headache (or footache)

All of us have a variety of shoes at home. We have walking shoes, sandals, dress shoes and boots. Not only do the shoes that we have vary due to occasion, but also throughout the year our needs change. In the summer, we might want something to slip on quickly and go out and we […]

Posted on March 28 2019
Blog How Long Will My Broken Foot be Casted?

So, you’ve broken a bone in your foot or ankle and now, you want to know…how long will I be stuck in this cast or walking boot? Typically, when it comes to broken foot bones, we expect the healing process to last between six and eight weeks. Foot bones (all 26 of them) can take […]

Posted on January 25 2019
Blog These 6 Shoes Are Secretly Terrible for Your Feet!

When it comes to footwear, the choices you make can have a major impact on the long-term health of your feet. While some styles, like high heels, are obvious bad choices—they throw you off balance, pinch your toes and can contribute to problems like bunions—other types of shoes may come as a surprise when you […]

Posted on January 4 2019
Blog One product that you may rely on for the occasional cuts and scrapes can be harmful if used in appropriately

When someone scrapes their knee or gets a cut outside, you may reach for hydrogen peroxide to clean this area and prevent infection. While hydrogen peroxide is great in these instances of brand new wounds, it should not be your standby daily treatment.  Hydrogen peroxide works wonders to remove debris from wounds (dirt,grass,etc.) — you […]

Posted on March 5 2015
Blog Do you notice clicking in the ball of your foot? Pain into your toes at all?

The clicking you feel in the ball of your foot may not just be that from the joints!  People who suffer from a condition called a neuroma may often feel a clicking sensation between the bones in the ball of the foot.  This clicking is sometimes associated with pain in the ball of the foot […]

Posted on February 5 2015
Blog Could certain shoes actually affect or improve your foot condition?

I recently heard from a patient that they believe what finally cured their plantar fasciitis was the occasional use of a particular pair of wedge shoes.  The woman relates that she followed our protocols of stretching and icing as well as the use of arch supports.  However, she stated that her pain didn’t completely resolve […]

Posted on January 29 2015