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physical therapy What Is A Custom Orthotic?

When you come in for pain in your feet, custom foot orthotics are very often a recommended component of your treatment plan. So, what exactly is a custom orthotic? A custom orthotic is a specialized insert that is designed to fit into your shoe. Custom orthotics can be made from a variety of different materials […]

Posted on July 19 2022
physical therapy Plantar Plate Tears and How to Treat Them

The sudden or gradual onset of forefoot pain can be unexpected and upsetting for patients. Forefoot pain can have a variety of causes. One such problem that can cause forefoot pain that we will discuss here is a plantar plate tear. Typically, most people do not even know that they have a plantar plate until […]

Posted on June 23 2022
physical therapy What Beginner Runners Need to Know for Foot Health

Back in 2013, I ran the Chicago Marathon.  At that time, I thought “One and done!” However, as the weather is nicer and I love taking long walks on the Prairie Path, the urge to start running again begins. Since I have not run in a while, I have to go back to basics and […]

Posted on June 21 2022
physical therapy Long-Term Running Concerns

Welcome to running season! Here in Chicago, the month of May brings more optimal running weather, which is well received by the running community. There are so many options to get out and enjoy a run in the city, but two of my favorites are the Chicago Lakefront Trail and the Bloomingdale Trail at the […]

Posted on May 23 2022
physical therapy Top Foot Related Concerns for Athletes

April is National Foot Health Awareness Month.  For obvious reasons the foot health is important as the foot is a vital structure which provides a platform for walking and running.  What you may not realize is how intricate the foot is.  Each foot is comprised of 28 bones and 33 ligaments!  That’s is a whole […]

Posted on April 21 2022
physical therapy Pregnancy and Your Feet

Are you expecting a new addition to your family soon? Whether you or a close friend or family member is pregnant, there are all kinds of changes coming. Whether it be your first, second or third – your body will be going through a lot. Your feet often are the least of your concerns – […]

Posted on March 28 2022
physical therapy How to Choose a Supportive Shoe

Most people do not know what to look for when buying new shoes.  Do you choose based on color, price, or fit?  Does it matter what sport you are using the shoes for, or is one athletic shoe enough for all your exercise needs?  Really, shoes should be selected based on how they feel, with […]

Posted on March 15 2022
physical therapy Diabetes and Exercise

What is Diabetes? Insulin is responsible for allowing sugar to move from the bloodstream and enter the cells of the body where it is used as energy. In patients with diabetes, the cells become resistant to insulin and sugar builds up in the bloodstream instead of being moved into the cells. This causes many complications […]

Posted on February 28 2022
physical therapy Heel Pain: What Causes It and How Do I Treat It?

HEEL PAIN Are you having pain in your heel during the first few steps in the morning? Has the discomfort persisted day after day? If so, you may be dealing with Plantar Fasciitis. Plantar Fasciitis and other causes of heel pain are the most common conditions podiatrists treat every year. More than 2 million Americans […]

Posted on January 13 2022
physical therapy What Causes Heel Numbness?

Loss of sensation in part of your foot can be an unsettling feeling. While pain may often be a more pressing and immediate indication that something is wrong, heel numbness can affect your balance and gait. It can also make you unaware of whether you are causing further damage to the area, making you more […]

Posted on October 29 2021