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Ulcers are most often caused by the loss of sensation which allows the skin irritation to develop in the first place. Most often seen in Diabetes, the loss of sensation can occur with several conditions. Working with your family Doctor, the Weil Foot & Ankle Physicians will help control the primary conditions and work to cure and prevent further injury to the skin.

The treatment of all ulcers begins with the confirmation and establishment of good blood flow. Blood flow brings oxygen, vital healing enzymes that your body produces and products to regrow tissue and skin. To aid the body in healing, our doctors will debride the wounds to ensure all non-healthy tissue is removed and allow the ability of good tissue to grow.

Topical medications to help prevent infection and allow tissue to grow are often used to treat the wounds. One of the latest means of ulcer healing is using skin grafting products. Skin grafting products, usually biologically active and chemically treated donated tissue, are now used to accelerate the growth of tissue and speed the rate of healing. Another product, wound vacs, are often used to help reduce the size of the ulcer allowing faster healing.

The Doctors of Weil Foot & Ankle Institute will provide reconstructive surgery so that once healed proper function can be attained so that the ability to walk is enhanced and the quality of life is restored.

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