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At Weil Foot & Ankle Institute, we understand smelly feet can be an embarrassing and uncomfortable problem. If you suffer from this condition, we’d like to urge you to make an appointment at our offices in Bannockburn, Orland Park, Roselle or any of our other 16 conveniently located offices by calling 847-390-7666. Our podiatrists will evaluate your feet and get to the source of the stench.

Here are facts about foot odor that may help:

FACT: Your feet have about 3,000 sweat glands per square inch—more than any other part of your body!

FACT: Perspiration mixing with bacteria found in your socks and shoes is the most common cause of foot odor.

FACT: There are other reasons your feet may be sweating excessively. These include hormonal changes, side effects of certain medications and fluid intake.

FACT: There is also a condition called hyperhidrosis which is genetic that can cause excessive sweating and smelly feet. It is more prevalent in men than women.

FACT: Simply washing your feet daily with soap and water can go a long way toward reducing foot odor.

FACT: You should avoid wearing the same pair of shoes multiple days in a row.

FACT: Keeping feet dry is a key preventative factor in eliminating foot odor. This may mean changing your socks multiple times throughout the day when you notice that your feet feel damp.

FACT: Your footwear and sock choices can also increase foot odor. Look for breathable materials such as leather or canvas and avoid vinyl and plastic shoes. Thick, absorbent socks and those made of materials that wick moisture away from your feet can help lower your risk for smelly feet.

FACT: Foul-smelling feet can also be caused by a fungal infection. For this reason, you should always have foot odor, or any other symptoms checked out by the podiatrist.

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