Our Leadership

Get to know the devoted leadership team of Weil Foot & Ankle Institute.

In 1996, Dr. Lowell Weil Jr. joined forces with Dr. Anthony Borelli, Dr. Wendy Benton-Weil and Dr. Weil Sr. to open Weil Foot & Ankle Institute, the iteration of the practice we know today.  Dr. Weil Jr. completed his M.B.A in 2001, and with this added business acumen, they infused organizational excellence, innovation and perseverance throughout the practice to bring a better offering forward for their patients.

In selecting and inviting leadership to join Weil Foot & Ankle Institute, we have three goals in mind when selecting the ideal candidate.  These shared traits amongst our leadership has fostered an innovative and progressive environment where the end result is better outcomes for our patients. 

  1. Bring great minds together to continue to push forward innovation in podiatric medicine.  
  2. Share the desire to be constantly advancing forward to provide better options and outcomes than other podiatrists (and share that research with the Podiatric Medicine community)
  3. Commit to and support research-led and research-based outcomes

Our leaders

  • Lowell Weil

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Tamara Porfirio

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Stacey Golde

    Director Of Finance

  • Cari Netolicky

    VP of Human Resources

  • Penny Amarantos

    Manager, Retail Division

  • Jane Callahan

    Senior Call Center Manager

  • Dave Chatterjee

    Director, MRI Operations

  • Ioulia Christopoulos

    Regional Manager, Physical Therapy

  • Patrick Guzik

    Director of Operations, East Coast

  • Denise Harshbarger

    Marketing Manager

  • Kathleen Heaton

    Integration & Compliance Manager

  • Ilona Leonova

    Operations Manager

  • Nicole Murillo

    Integration Manager

  • Joshua Novak

    Director of Operations, Midwest

  • Scott Pfeiffer

    Sr. Revenue Cycle Manager

  • Ted Nicolaou

    Manager, Information Technology

  • Alicia Garcia

    Operations Manager

  • Julie Boznango

    Operations Manager

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