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For patients who are at heightened risk, having a foot callus trimmed down on a regular basis (every two to three months) is an essential component to staying out of trouble and ulcer free (Figure 3). It is also important that higher risk patients get into protective/specialty footwear [3]. “What is really nice about WFAI is that we are able to get our patients into the shoes they need and fit patients for foot orthoses and custom braces right here in comfort of the office—usually in just two quick office visits,” said Dr. Fleischer. “There are no third and fourth trips needed to other specialists (pedorthists, orthotists) for this type of service. We even have a certified pedorthist on site, Dr. Frank Bongiovanni, who is able to troubleshoot and provide support for our most challenging patients and feet.” He continued, furthermore, our retail store (located on site in the Des Plaines office) The Foot Depot is fully stocked with products that are sensitive to the special needs of our diabetic patients. So, in many ways you could say that ‘WFAI is your one-stop diabetic foot shop.’” If you are newly diagnosed with diabetes and need to determine your risk for getting into trouble with your feet, if you suffer from numbness and need your feet checked and/or cared for on a regular basis, or if you are dealing with an ulcer that has been hard to heal, please contact our specialists at WFAI. We are proud to be able to offer you the most comprehensive and specialized diabetic foot care available today.

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