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Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

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Who can use the MRI
While the MRI has universal applications, not everyone qualifies for use of MRI. Those with brain aneurysm clips, metallic foreign bodies in the eye, recent surgery with orthopedic implants, pacemakers, or cochlear implants should not use MRI. Our technologists are trained to determine if the MRI will be allowable for use.

Weil Foot and Ankle MRI
The Weil Foot & Ankle Institute has had MRI’s on location in several of our facilities since January 2007. The Weil MRI’s are open machines. You do not have to lie in a tube. You comfortably sit in an attached chair and simply place your leg in the machine while the MRI takes its pictures.

We use the industry-leading Siemens’ Jazz Extremity OPEN MRI and Esaote OPEN MRI machines to offer the most advanced technology to our clients. Aside from being open machines, our machines are much quieter than traditional MRI’s making the experience more comfortable.

The MRI process typically takes around one hour. The Weil Foot and Ankle Institute has all our MRI’s read by a board-certified musculoskeletal MRI radiologist who will provide a report within 24 hours. An appointment will be made with your doctor to review the MRI and discuss treatment based on the findings.

Let the Weil foot and Ankle institute Doctors, using our open MRI help you find and fix your concerns.

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