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Stem Cell Injections

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Stem Cell Injections

One item that does not decrease are Growth factors. Growth factors are not cells. The are enzymes that are produced in your body that work by enabling other tissue to thrive and grow. The analogy would be fertilizer for plants. These growth factors are a powerful means to stimulate healing particularly in situations in which healing might be delayed such as diabetes or immune suppression. Today, one of the best venue for Growth factors are from donated Amniotic fluid and from donated human Amniotic lining of the placenta. The stem cells are removed and only the enzymes are harvested and once prepared are delivered to the area or tissue that is undergoing active healing.

Growth factor injections are approved by insurance, including Medicare, for current use. In conditions pertaining to connective tissue like tendonitis, degenerative arthritis effecting cartilage and ligament injuries, Amniotic membrane Growth factor treatment can offer cutting-edge results. Let the Doctors of the Weil Foot and Ankle Institute help you with this latest technology.

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